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Unicity Bio C With Bioflavonoids

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 Unicity Bio-C 60 Tablets #34604  

Bio-C For daily antioxidant protection, Bio-C provides four select forms of high-potency vitamin C, along with bioflavonoids to promote absorption.

Bio-C does not contain sugar, starch, salt or preservatives 


For best results, take Bio-C twice daily.  

Vitamin C supports healthy bones, muscles, blood vessels, and more. The body does not naturally produce vitamin C, so it must be obtained through diet or supplementation. And while fruits and vegetables may seem like the best vitamin C sources, they don’t always contain the right amounts or forms. Bio-C is a powerful vitamin C complex that combines concentrated antioxidants with citrus bioflavonoids, which promote prolonged vitamin C absorption in the body. Bio-C contains three different forms of vitamin C—ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, and acerola. The three vitamin C forms combine to create a high-potency vitamin C source. The high-potency vitamin C supports many bodily functions, including heart, eye, skin, and immune functions. 

Supports healthy gene expression
Supports vitamin C absorption
Supports collagen production
Supports healthy bones, muscles, and blood vessels


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