Unicity Bios Life Vision Essentials 60 Capsules #24758

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Unicity Bios Life Vision Essentials 60 Capsules #24758

Vision Essentials, UV light and eye fatigue. Supports Healthy Vision

Vitamins, Minerals and a potent berry blend to guard your eyes against pollution


This latest vision health supplement, based on emerging science, incorporates a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants proven to support and maintain eye health. The special blend of antioxidants in Vision Essentials may help slow down the advance of AMD (age-related macular degeneration). The formula is based on the NIH‘s Age-Related Eye Disease Study I and II (AREDS) formulation, which found that a combination of antioxidants was able to slow the advance of AMD.

Suggested use:

Take two capsules daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've heard a lot about lutein in eye health. What is it and why is it good for
your eyes

A. Lutein is a fat soluble carotenoid found in the lens and macula lutea of the eye.
Lutein is able to filter blue light and act as an antioxidant. Blue light and reactive
oxygen species are believed to contribute to the loss of vision.

In addition to many of the antioxidants included in this study, Bios Life Vision Essentials includes a
berry blend that is high in polyphenols, special types of antioxidants found in fruits and

Vitamin C A water soluble antioxidant found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Although many
mammals can produce vitamin C, humans must obtain their vitamin C from their diet.

Vitamin E A fat-soluble antioxidant that helps prevent the production of reactive oxygen species
formed when fat undergoes oxidation.

Vitamin A - A group of fat soluble antioxidants found in colorful fruits and vegetables. Found in
carrots, this antioxidant is responsible for their bright orange color.

Zinc Over 100 enzymes are dependent on this trace mineral for their ability to catalyze
reactions in the body.

Zinc is found in meats, wheat, celery, beans and almonds.

Lutein Derived from marigolds, this antioxidant is responsible for the plants rich color. The
discovery by scientists that lutein is found in high concentrations in the eye led to studies to
determine how lutein supplementation affects eye health.

Zeaxanthin Like lutein, zeaxanthin is found in high concentrations in the eye relative to other
parts of the body. Zeaxanthin I and lutein are major component s of the peripheral retina.

Zeaxanthin is responsible for paprika’s bright red color.
Bios Life Berry Blend A blend of antioxidant rich berries that help support healthy vision.




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