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Unicity CognoBlend 120 Capsules #6003

Scientifically formulated to promote mental alertness and performance, CognoBlend helps maintain a healthy environment in the brain. It features a select combination of exotic herbs that have been linked with mental acuity and brain function.

The special nutrients and unique plant extracts included in CognoBlend Advanced Formula help neurons (brain cells) maintain healthy cellular energy production by promoting healthy mitochondrial function, scavenging free radicals, and promoting healthy blood circulation to the brain. Key ingredients include huperzine A, gingko biloba, gotu kola extract, bacopa monnieri extract, eleutherococcus senticosus extract, phosphatidylcholine, grape seed extract, and vitamin E.

Your brain is an intricate organ that controls your every move, thought and emotion. In order for you to experience healthy brain function, it's vital for nerve cells to properly transmit messages inside your brain, and they depend on a sufficient supply of oxygen in order to complete their work.

CognoBlend includes Bacopa monniera, an exotic herb that has been used by traditional ayurvedic practitioners in India since ancient times. Known as brahmi in India where it is cultivated, this powerful ingredient is known for its ability to promote thinking and reasoning. In CognoBlend it is standardized to 20 percent bacosides, the active principals known for improving memory-related function by enhancing efficacy of nerve impulses. CognoBlend also features Ginkgo biloba extract from one of the world's oldest living trees, which has been cultivated throughout the world. Its distinctive fan-shaped leaves contain compounds that promote blood flow and therefore oxygenation in the brain. In this unique formula, Ginkgo biloba is standardized to 24 percent ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6 percent terpene lactones.

This product's proprietary blend also includes beneficial cat's claw, which is a woody vine that grows wild in the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon. Balanced with rosemary and gotu kola, CognoBlend helps promote mental sharpness and alertness.


Aging is sometimes accompanied with cognitive decline. Cognoblend will boost blood flow to the brain, essential for correct cognitive functioning. It will also boost neurotransmitter levels, and interfere with the toxicity of beta-amyloid, the protein involved in Alzheimer disease.

Unicity Cogno Blend