Unicity Joint Mobility

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Uicity Joint Mobility 60 Capsules

Protect and preserve where you bend, rotate, roll, and glide. Taking just two small capsules of Mobility each day provides your body with the natural ingredients that work together to be two times as effective for your joints than the leading competitors. Liberate your joints and feel the power of pain-free movement with Mobility.

Glucosamine AJF

MSM Complex

As our scientists work hard to stay on the leading edge of science, we have the occasional opportunity to update our products. We are pleased to have the opportunity to replace two of our products with Mobility. With the release of this easier-to-swallow pill, we have discontinued the following products, which will only be available until supplies run out:

Unicity Joint Mobility helps maintain joint health through two distinct mechanisms.

One is that the product’s type II collagen (UC-II) - a supplement used to treat joint health in its original molecular structure - interacts with antibody molecules and deactivates collagen-specific T cells. When those T cells are deactivated, the enzymes responsible for joint breakdown are not released.


UC-II - Undenatured collagen has epitopes that interact with antibody molecules, which deactivating collagen-specific T cells. This supplement has also been shown to be highly effective in animal trials with dogs and horses.

Turmeric Extract – Evidence shows that curcumin, which comes from the Turmeric spice, has many properties. Curumin has been found to be safe in multiple studies, even with high doses.

Boswellia Extract – This traditional herb (also known as frankincense) is used to aid in decreasing inflammation. Boswellia is fairly new to the research field, and its studies show positive results.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D plays a significant role in the immune system. The vitamin D receptor is found in substantial concentrations in T cells.