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Unicity Power Burn 180 Capsules 

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 Naturally supports your body's ability to burn calories when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Increases your energy levels, Reduces your appetite and cravings, Power up your body's natural calorie-burning processes with Power Burn, A powerful blend of natural ingredients that will help you increase energy, and suppress your appetite.

Energize your body and burn more calories with a powerful blend of Brazilian yerba mate, black tea, guarana, and chromium. This clinically tested formula is proven to be just as effective as ephedra.

This amazing product offers a safe weight management formulation. Power Burn is a unique blend of Brazilian yerba mate combined with black tea, guarana, and chromium for calorie burning power. And for good measure, Power Burn's patent pending formula also included our proprietary blend of cocoa and almond extracts to help suppress your cravings. Take Power Burn as directed to boost your energy, support mental alertness, and reduce your appetite. Now that's power

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Research Brief

To achieve successful weight control, you must correct the balance between the amount of fat and calories consumed in the diet and the amount of fat and calories used in your body's metabolic processes.

Fat is stored in the body as triglycerides. These units are composed of three molecules of fatty acids attached to a glycerol molecule. Triglycerides are stored in cells called adipocytes that are grouped together to form adipose tissue, more commonly known as body fat. In a process called lipolysis, triglycerides are broken down to their constituent fatty acids and glycerol so the body can use them as energy.

You can enhance your body's weight management by increasing your metabolism to achieve greater thermogenesis, the body's natural process of using more energy and burning more fat. You can literally burn more fat by increasing your body's heat production through thermogenesis. This raising of your body's core temperature occurs naturally, especially after a meal, and some herbs and nutrients can promote it.




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