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Unicity Stress Aid

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Unicity Stress Aid 60 Capsules

 This effective formula provides a calming, soothing influence on the nervous system.

Stress Aid is a powerful natural stress vitamin formula, plus special herbs to help meet the increased personal nutritional needs of your body. This formula is designed to supplement your body's demands during strenuous physical exercise, dieting, lack of sleep, or just during the every day pressures of earning a living. Each preservative free capsule delivers 100% natural ingredients to also help replenish valuable nutrients depleted by the stress of sickness, surgery, infections, over work, fatigue, etc.

Vitamin B1 thiamine Has positive effects on the nervous system and mental well being.

Vitamin B2 riboflavin nourishes skin, nails, hair, growth, reproduction and vision. The body needs more of this nutrient during stress situations.

Vitamin B6 pyridoxine HCL is necessary to metabolize B12 in the body.

Vitamin B12 cobalamin is used in the production of energy and red blood cells. It also nourishes the nervous system.

Vitamin C strengthens cells and tissues and helps build the body's defense system.

Folic acid helps nourish the skin and nervous system.

Choline helps in the formation of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which assists brain function and health.

Inositol nourishes the brain and helps balance cholesterol levels.

PABA para aminobenzoic acid helps assimilate pantothenic acid and nourishes the skin.

Biotin assists in the metabolism of fat and protein. It nourishes muscles.

Valerian Root nourishes the nervous system and has soothing properties.

Scullcap calms the nervous system.

Hops helps the body with pain and occasional problems with sleeplessness.

Niacinamide nourishes the digestive and circulatory systems.

Calcium pantothenate nutritionally supports the glandular system and helps promote a feeling of well being.

Schizandra chinensis helps the body adapt to stress and nourishes the nervous system.

Research Brief 

The subject of stress has become a favorite subject of everyday conversation. It is not unusual to hear friends, coworkers, family members, and ourselves, talk about the difficulty we have with managing the stress of everyday living. We talk about being burned out, overwhelmed and losing it. We also hear and talk about our efforts to control the events that cause stress, and most of us understand the results of not controlling our reactions to stress. It is well understood that stress may lead to cardiovascular risk. But most of us are unaware of the many other emotional, cognitive and physical consequences of unmanaged stress. Stress is expensive. We all pay a stress tax whether we know it or not. Currently, health care costs account for approximately 12 percent of the gross domestic product, escalating yearly. In terms of lost hours due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and workers' compensation benefits, stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually, or $7,500 per worker per year.

Chronic stress destroys bodies, minds and lives. It wreaks havoc through long term attrition. It's the stress of poverty, of dysfunctional families, of being trapped in an unhappy marriage or in a despised job or career. Chronic stress comes when a person never sees a way out of a miserable situation. It's the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures for seemingly interminable periods of time. With no hope, the individual gives up searching for solutions. A view of the world, or a belief system, is created that causes unending stress for the individual e.g., the world is a threatening place, people will find out you are a pretender, you must be perfect at all times. When personality or deep seated convictions and beliefs must be reformulated, recovery requires active self examination, often with professional help. Chronic stress may be dangerous. People wear down to a final, fatal breakdown. Because physical and mental resources are depleted through long term attrition, the symptoms of chronic stress are difficult to treat and may require extended medical as well as behavioral treatment and stress management.


Q. Will this product make me drowsy.
A. Stress Aid contains B-vitamins, which naturally yield energy as well as herbs that relax you. This product will not cause drowsiness.

Q. Is this more of a multivitamin than a relaxing herbal mixture?
A. Stress Aid is both a multivitamin and an herbal formulation for stress relief.


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